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Dr. Christine König

Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide

The Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide (Economic Development Agency for the region of Heide) is mandated by the people, politicians, and the municipal administration to implement the jointly created regional development concept. The core theme of this concept is energy and here primarily all things related to the efficient use of the vast renewable energy capacities developed  in the region. The agency initializes and coordinates these efforts and in addition facilitates networking and settlement activities for local businesses and future investors.


In partnership with the Advanced Energy Systems Institute of the University of Bremen, the development agency coordinates the QUARREE100 project consortium.  Here 20 project partners are jointly investigating how energy from wind, sun, and biomass can be converted into reliable, flexible, and affordable energy supply for a downtown neighborhood. The partners will combine storage and power-to-X technologies to supply homes and businesses with a resilient power, heat and mobility systems solution. The ambition is that the new energy system will not only fully meet the neighborhood’s demands, but also delivers an overall systems benefit to the surrounding energy systems, by acting as load or energy supply, whenever possible and needed.


Moreover, the agency is initiator of the IN-ENTREE100 umbrella project. IN-ENTREE100 seeks to attract ventures from around the world to settle in the region and build a first-of-its-kind network of power-to-X industries in an environment of near-industrial scale demonstration possibilities.

Here, science, industry, and users will come together to experiment with and show case innovative, profitable and high-end energy systems on a multi-MW scale thereby setting the stage for the  energy transformation.