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Maximilian Schay

my Boo

The young social start-up from Kiel in Northern Germany builds sustainable bicycles made of bamboo with its partner „The Yonso Project“ a social NGO in Ghana. By doing this, they combine applied social responsibility and environmentally responsible behaviour to an innovative and high quality product series. „The Yonso Project“ is focussed on the high unemployement in Ghana and fights for education and equal opportunities in their region by using the income oft he frame-building to provide scholarships to children and microloans to young women. Their newest project is the „Yonso Project Model School“ which building has started in October 2016. After its completion it will provide high-level education to all local children. Furthermore, they hired over 30 employees by now and educated more than 50 bicycle-mechanics. All with a fair payment, a social insurance and most important: a perspective.

Every my Boo bamboo-bicycle is completely handcrafted and unique. They all get assembled by hand at the my Boo manufacture in Kiel – after up to 80 hours of hand work.


My Speakers Sessions

Friday, June 15

13:00 CEST