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Lonneke Boonzaaijer

Lean & Agile Consultant
Hi there, my name is Lonneke Boonzaaijer, Dutch, 32 summers young and currently working as a freelance lean and agile consultant in Europe, providing lean startup, agile/scrum and design sprint coaching.
Through my services I help companies innovate, accelerate and validate assumptions quickly and help them build future proof platforms, products or services.
Next to this I have set up some businesses myself in the past like Swapp - a fashion swop and sell app for woman.
Most recently I have set up SUP & THE CITY (www.supthecity.nl), which came out of a personal passion, where you can book SUP (stand up paddle) tours with me on the canals of Amsterdam and Haarlem.
Further also Ola Kai (which means sea life in Hawaiian, www.olakai.shop) a beach & boho jewelry webshop, which came into existence after a 2 month trip in South Africa last year and my new found beach life, as I moved to Zandvoor recently
(on one of the Dutch beaches). More and more people approached me lately with the question to help them, to set up their own business. Therefore I decided to write a practical workbook for it, which is called 'Mind Matters' (still in progress).
The aim is to help people to find out what their true passions are in life and try to build a business around that, I will be providing coaching and guidance.