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Carol Clark

Kiel International School | founding initiative
Initiator & Co-founder
Kiel International School (KIS) is a school start-up in founding. KIS will offer a programme of high-quality international education. By creating a trusting and safe learning atmosphere KIS wants to encourage students 3 to 19 years of age to become active, optimistic, compassionate, and lifelong learners. Individualised and real world projekt-based learning is at the heart of KIS. Because the world runs on projects, we see managing and leading projects as essential life skills, learning skills and career skills. Tech- and media-integrated learning is a given at KIS. We promote a culture of innovation, open-mindedness, respect, enthusiastic learning, and cooperation. Our students learn and grow together through intercultural understanding and by discovering and working with their talents and passions.
Thursday, June 14

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Friday, June 15

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